The Mastermind Principle

The Mastermind Principle came from Napoleon Hill. He believed that success could not be achieved by oneself, it’ll take a team which ultimately forms the mastermind. With that, we had to have a “tagline” and we chose to use M.I.N.D. to form it. We aim to create, capture, shape, and form images and video in a manner that makes them larger than life; a whole new dimension! A memorable dimension that lives with you forever.  “MasterM.I.N.D. Productions is here to mold images into new dimensions! “

Here at this “one-stop shop” for all your production needs, we specialize in wedding and other event photography and videography, television/radio broadcasting, commercials & advertising, and website design. We believe that with an unprecedented “business-ship” with our clients, couple with a “one-team, one-mind” attitude and culture, MasterM.I.N.D. Productions will certainly exceed above and beyond your expectations. Here’s a glimpse into the team that makes it all happen…

Ken Branson, CEO

Other than being with his children and helping close friends, the thing that brings Ken the most joy is the ability to create visual stories using video and photography with the ability to evoke a broad range of emotions.

In 2007 the quest continued and MasterM.I.N.D Productions was birthed. As he steadily deepens his technical and professional knowledge while seeking the wise counsel of successful mentors and business people in the industry, the future holds endless possibilities and Ken is excited for what’s to come.

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of meeting Ken Branson will tell you that he easily connects with everyone he meets. As the head ‘go-to’ expert, Ken puts his special touch on full-service photography, video and media production, weddings, portrait sessions, documentaries, commercials and more!

JonNisha (Nisha) Evans, COO

Nish leads operations, project management and subcontractor collaborations for MasterM.I.N.D. She brings over 11 years of project management experience to MasterM.I.N.D, from former roles in venture banking, community banking and insurance.

Nish serves as the Director of Product Strategy with The Runway Project, a Washington, D.C. nonprofit focused on designing, researching and launching a product replicating ‘friends-and-family’ funding for early stage African American entrepreneurs; Program Manager and Co-Disruptor with Black Wall Street, a Durham-based nonprofit focused on providing minority entrepreneurs building scalable businesses with access to capital networks. She is also treasurer and board member of Urban Ministries of Durham, where she co-leads affordable housing, social entrepreneurship and workforce initiatives to foster permanent housing.

Nish is an avid wellness junkie, and enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons.

Kenia Thompson, CMO

Kenia leads the marketing arm for MasterM.I.N.D focusing on promotions, branding and client relationships. She also functions as Producer & Director for MasterM.I.N.D. live events. She brings over 12 years of communication and marketing experience which includes public relations, education, television, and product marketing.

Kenia is a published author and current educator, teaching Public Speaking, Communication, and Workplace Development, at multiple local colleges and universities within the Raleigh-Durham area. She has spent the last five years working for a major IT corporation managing their product sales and design. In her spare time, she leads seminars focusing on re-engaging our society in conversations while teaching them the importance of communicating effectively.

Kenia currently resides in Clayton, NC with her husband, two children and their dog.